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A total of 63,453 tuberculosis cases of all forms (new and re-treatment) were notified by the programme in the year 2010. The notified cases were less by 817 (1.3) compared to the notification of 2009. Among those notified, new tuberculosis cases  were 59,668 (94%) and 3,785 (6%) were retreatment cases. Among the new TB cases, 24,769 (or 39.0% of all new cases) were new smear-positive cases. This is equivalent to 70% of the 35,530 WHO estimated incident cases. The number of new  smear negative TB cases notified was 21,184 (33.4%) while new extra-pulmonary TB was 13,716 (21.6%). Table 3 below shows the comparison of TB notification in 2009 and 2010 by TB categories.

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