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Treatment Outcome

Treatment outcome of PB leprosy

The treatment outcome of PB leprosy cases who started treatment in 2017 shows that, 227(95%) completed treatment while 5 (2%) were transferred out, 3 cases (1%) lost to follow up from treatment. Most regions had 100% of cases with treatment completed and all being evaluated

Treatment outcome of MB leprosy

Treatment outcome of MB leprosy cases notified in 2016 shows that, 1,786 (93%) completed treatment while 16 (1%) patients died during treatment period. However, the data also shows that 125 (7%) patients did not complete their treatment due to various reasons: 75 (4%) lost to follow up from treatment and 50 (3%) cases were transferred out during treatment course. Most of regions attained good treatment outcomes despite lower number of notifications. Table 7 below summarizes treatment results of MB cases notified in 2016.