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Treatment Outcome

Treatment outcome of PB leprosy

The treatment outcome of PB leprosy cases who started treatment in 2019 shows that 105 cases were notified, 89 (85%) completed treatment, 4 (4%) lost to follow up and only a case died (1%) during treatment course. However, 11 (10.5%) patients were not evaluated and reported not to be traceable.

Treatment outcome of MB leprosy

Treatment outcome of MB leprosy cases notified and evaluated in 2018 shows that, of the 1,599 who were notified, 1,298 (81.0%) completed treatment while 9 (1%) patients died during treatment period. However, the data also shows that 239 (15%) patients were not evaluated due to untold reasons. For those 53 (3%) whom did not complete treatment, the reasons were: 36 (2%) lost to follow up from treatment and 17 (1%) cases were transferred out during treatment course. Most of regions attained good treatment outcomes but regions like Arusha, Singida and Njombe failed to evaluate their respective notifications