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Research & Publications

Enhancing Tuberculosis Case-Finding: A Case of Quality Improvement Initiative in Tanzania

10 May 2022

This QI initiative has the potential to support a long-term comprehensive approach to ending TB and to improve the quality of the foundations of the health care system. This initiative sets a reliable pace for health facilities to efficiently respond to and manage TB case-finding interventions put into action. Tanzania’s experience with implementing QI interventions could serve as a model for improving TB case notifications in other settings.

Digital TB Surveillance System Assessment Report

2 March 2023

As part of The Global Fund Strategic Initiative (SI) for Data system, this report provides a rapid assessment of the digital TB surveillance systems in 19 TB SI countries and provide strategic recommendations and roadmap for the countries towards a comprehensive digital, case-based, real time, TB surveillance system.

Stop TB Report on Tanzania DHIS2-ETL

2 March 2023

Tanzania uses the DHIS2 Tracker, called the electronic TB and Leprosy (ETL) platform, as a tool for TB notification, and all the data is captured in case-based record form. The system was developed and maintained with support from The Global Fund and operationalized and funded for M&E by USAID. The data for both DR and DS TB is entered into the system, and three tracker programs are used for TB reporting - TB register, MDR TB register, and Culture & DST register. The TB data from DHIS2 is available with other program indicators in the DHIS2 National Data Warehouse to enable comprehensive data review and analysis of TB data nationally, complementing the existing national HMIS data systems.