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NTLP is under the Epidemiology and Disease Control section within the department of Preventive Services in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. The programme is integrated in the existing primary health care system. All health providers are responsible for early case detection, appropriate treatment and case holding.

They are also responsible for proper management of drugs and supplies, keeping accurate records and providing health education to the patient and community. Although the NTLP is intergrated within the general health services, it has a managerial and supervisory staff dealing solely with the two diseases, in order to ensure adequate technical competence in TB and leprosy control.

Administratively the NTLP operates at three levels; national, regional and district.

National level:

The Tuberculosis and Leprosy Central Unit (TLCU) is responsible in coordinating  all activities pertaining to TB and leprosy in the country, policy formulation, planning, monitoring, evaluation, resource mobilization and coordination of drugs and supplies procurement and distribution.

It is also responsible for training of staff, supervision of field activities, data aggregation and analysis, quality assurance of AFB microscopy, surveillance of drug resistance, health promotion and operational research.

NTLP has reformulated its component of the Essential health package to make it suitable and user -friendly for its implementation under District Health Plans.  The Central TB Reference Laboratory (CTRL)  is also part of the central unit.

Regional level:

A Regional Tuberculosis and Leprosy Coordinator (RTLC) works under Regional Medical Officer (RMO). He/she should be a Medical Officer or Assistant Medical Officer who is responsible in his/her own region for the tasks listed in the job description. The RTLC has to work closely with TLCU and districts.

District Level

A District Tuberculosis and Leprosy Coordinator (DTLC) is answerable to the District Medical Officer. The DTLC should be a clinical officer or Assistant Medical Officer who is responsible for the implementation and coordination of TB and leprosy control activities within the district as listed in job description. The DTLC is the main link between TLCU through the region on one hand and health units and community on the other hand