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Treatment Outcome

The treatment outcome available for the 79,592 (99%) of new and relapse TB cases notified 2019 which also excludes patients that started second-line TB treatment or RR/MDR-TB treatment in year 2019. Total of 76,832 TB cases were cured or completed treatment which led to 94% treatment success rate.

The regions treatment success rate ranges from 86% in Tabora to 98% in Dodoma region, with 15 regions achieving a rate equal or above the national average of 94%.

Tuberculosis Treatment Outcome of New and Relapses TB cases notified in 2019

Further analysis of the TB cohort shows that, the number of TB cases did not complete treatment for various reasons were 4,108 (5.1%). Among those did not complete treatment: 93(0.1%) cases failed treatment; 3,232 (4.0%) died during their treatment and 783 (1.0%) lost to follow-up during treatment. Below is figure shows treatment success rate of individual regions