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Manuals and Guidelines

TB and Leprosy NSP M&E Plan 2020-25_Final 2021

5 May 2022

The M&E plan has two main parts. The purpose of the first part is to describe how the impact on progress in the control of TB and Leprosy will be measured through the indicators and targets, methods of data collection, data management and data quality. It also monitors progress in achieving planned outcomes, and delivering planned outputs and processes, as well as inputs. In the second part, the M&E plan addresses program evaluation, M&E coordination and publication of results to inform policy.

National Tuberculosis & Leprosy Strategic Plan VI_Final Version

5 May 2022

The National Plan has four components all connected and linked together as follows, the core plan, which is the narrative part, the Operational Framework and the Budget summary, which is the foundation for costing the NSP, the Laboratory strategic Operational Plan for specific diagnostic networking strategies and the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for tracking Program progress and measuring performance.

Manual for Management of Tuberculosis and Leprosy in Tanzania_7th Edition_2020

5 May 2022

Development of the seventh edition of the NTLP Manual involved an intensive careful process of engagement of stakeholders from the ministry, development and implementing partners, local and international specialists and experts, academia and research institutes.

Quality Improvement for TB Case Detection Toolkit_2021

5 May 2022

The Ministry is aiming at improving the quality of services provided at health facilities and has already developed the Tanzania Quality Improvement Framework (TQIF) as a guiding document for quality improvement of health services provision in the country. In recognition of the need to improve the quality of services many stakeholders undertook initiatives geared towards improving quality of services at health facilities including the provision of quality TB control services. The impetus for this toolkit has focused on improving the TB, TB/HIV and DR-TB services at health facilities of various levels of health care system.

National Guideline for Management of Tuberculosis in Children_Third Edition_2016

5 May 2022

The National guidelines for the management of Tuberculosis in children is the result of collective efforts and strong commitment from Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children and partner institutions working within and outside the country. The Ministry wishes to thank the Centre for Disease control (CDC) for providing both funding and technical support for reviewing of the guideline.

National Operation Guideline for Community Based TB and Leprosy Interventions

5 May 2022

This operational guideline offers a coordinative and integrative framework to provide guidance to all community-based TB and Leprosy stakeholders in the planning, implementation, and scale up of community-based TB and Leprosy prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care activities. The motivation that led to the development of these guidelines was to enhance efficient provision of quality and systematic community-based TB and Leprosy interventions.